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Intro to Belly Dance

Thursdays 6:30-7:30PM

This class is a six-week session for students new to Egyptian style belly dance or to Oasis.  Class is designed with the absolute beginner in mind, no dance experience needed!  Intro to Belly Dance introduces students to the basic movement vocabulary of belly dance including hip work, shimmies, traveling steps and beautiful arm work to Middle Eastern music in a fun, supportive and relaxed environment  Classes are the starting point for students to discover the vast richness of Egyptian dance, music and culture.  Enter the wonderful world of belly dance!  


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Specialty Sessions w/Kenzie

Mondays 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Kenzie's 8-week specialty sessions explore special topics in belly dance.  These classes are mixed level and are for students continuing beginner and up.  Previous topics include Shimmy Clinic, Nitty Gritty Technique, Classic Egyptian Song Combos, and Take Up Space! Traveling Steps and Combos.  Kenzie works on diving deep into technique, conditioning for dancers and tying it all together into combinations that explore movement quality and intricate technique.   


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Continuing Beginner

Thursdays 7:30PM

Continuing Beginner (8-week session) picks up where Intro to Belly Dance left off with no additional skills need.  After a six-week Intro class, students begin to refine the basics and add additional movements.   Shimmies, hip work, footwork, veil work, folkloric styles and beautiful arm work start to come together into short combos and choreographies, all in a fun and relaxed environment.  Performance is NEVER a requirement at Oasis - students have the opportunity to perform if they are comfortable doing so!


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Oasis Binat

Fridays 7:15PM

Oasis Binat (8-week session) is Oasis Dance Center's highest level technique class on Friday nights.  Students in this class have studied the dance for several years and enjoy taking weekly classes and workshops.  This class is by invitation only, and is 


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Mixed Level

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 7:30PM

Mixed Level class (8-week session) is offered for students once they move beyond Continuing Beginner.  Movements and choreographies build on previous knowledge and encourage students to delve deeper into movement and into learning about Egyptian Dance and culture.  Our Mixed Level Students have varying experience and skill levels. They enjoy weekly ongoing classes throughout the year to learn more and more and strive to be their personal best.



Performance Groups

Various dates

Performance groups are available at the Mixed Level and Oasis Binat levels.  Performance is never a requirement at Oasis Dance Center, however we are happy to provide extra performance opportunities for students who wish to perform.  Performance groups learn belly dance and folklore choreographies and perform at haflas and at select events during the summer. 


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