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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Oasis Dance Center offers quality Egyptian dance instruction and performances in the Buffalo and WNY area.  We offer a safe, encouraging atmosphere for all students to participate in the art of Egyptian dance, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.  Our instructors and guest instructors bring extensive education and experience and a deep respect for students of all levels.  Our students thrive in a community free from discrimination and are expected to uphold these values on the dance floor and beyond.  We have zero tolerance for racism and bigotry in our community.

Oasis Values

High standards for instruction

Respect for Egyptian dance and culture

Respect for all people

Kind and encouraging connections

Safe atmosphere for all

We strongly believe in supporting people of the cultures that this dance form comes from.  What does this mean for us?  Studying with source dancers from Egypt.  Purchasing music from musicians of the culture.  Attending lectures and workshops about being better allies to marginalized peoples.  Purchasing costuming directly from Egypt for ourselves and for our students who wish to perform.  Donating to and supporting efforts to uplift musicians and dancers of the cultures.  We are far from perfect, but we are constantly seeking to be better citizens of the world and we encourage our students to do the same!  

Oasis Dance Center is truly an oasis for dancers of all levels to enjoy dance, fitness, friends and more. At Oasis, folks of every age, shape, size and fitness level are encouraged to enjoy classes, to be challenged and grow, and to love the skin they are in. Our belly dance classes focus on teaching Egyptian style belly dance, and we take pride in offering the very best classes at all levels. Multiple facets of Egyptian dance are explored in class -- from classic raqs sharqi, to upbeat pop, to folkloric styles -- preserving a deep respect for the culture as well as the student. We have been committed to providing quality belly dance classes and performances in our hometown of Buffalo, NY for over a decade. 

Why Oasis?

- Professional, highly-trained instructors who are passionate about teaching belly dance to every body

- Comprehensive curriculum that will ensure a great learning experience for all

- Work up to performance opportunities with our two student performance groups!  (Performing is never a requirement at Oasis.)

- Beautiful, bright studio that'll inspire you to dance each week

We have a wonderful community here at Oasis, and we hope you will join us!

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