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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are classes really for every age, shape, size and fitness level?
A: Absolutely!  You are perfect for belly dance just as you are.  One of our favorite things about this dance form is that it looks amazing on dancers of every age, shape and size.    


Q:  I have no dance experience.  Can I learn to belly dance?

A:  Yes you can!  Many students have never taken a dance class before.  After taking a beginner session, they discover the joy of learning to dance. Faaria encourages all students to be their personal best. Faaria's personal attention in class is designed to give you the feedback and tools you need to learn bellydance.  

Q: Are classes just for people who want to perform someday?
A:  No!  Performance is never a requirement at Oasis Dance Center.  Students come to classes for a variety of reasons; some interested in performance, while others just want to enjoy the fun of the class.  We do teach choreographies in some classes, however there is no expectation to perform and the benefits to learning and polishing choreographies go far beyond performance!


Q: Who is the teacher for my belly dance class?

Beginner through Advanced weekly belly dance classes are taught by Faaria, director of Oasis Dance Center.  Kenzie teaches Monday night specialty sessions, workshops, and our annual open level Winter choreography sessions.  Both instruct private lessons to interested students of all levels.

Q: What do I wear to class?
A: Most students prefer a yoga-type pant or leggings.  All students should wear a form-fitting top, as baggy tops make it difficult for your instructor to see movement.  There is absolutely no need to bare your belly.  Wear clothes that you are comfortable in! Street shoes are not allowed in the studio space.  All street shoes need to be left in the waiting area.

Q:  I want to lose weight and get in shape... Will belly dance do that?
A:  Belly dance is for every body - we do not promote weight loss at Oasis.  However, we can tell you that movement is amazing for the body and mind.  Adding even just an hour of movement to your week can make such a positive impact on your life. 

Q:  I have an injury - knee problems, back problems, etc.  Is belly dance right for me?
A:  Students should always speak with their physician before starting any new physical activity.  Belly dance is safe and gentle enough for most, and Faaria can help the individual modify dance movements to ensure the student learns in a safe and healthy manner.

Q:  I've taken belly dance before - can I take classes at Oasis?
A:  Of course!  Students with belly dance experience are encouraged to come in and take a class at Oasis to see if it is a good fit for them.  Students from across WNY are welcome to take classes at Oasis.      


Q: I take lessons with another instructor.  Am I welcome to take classes at Oasis?
A:  Yes!  Faaria welcomes all students who want to learn more!  Students dancing with other groups can take classes in addition to their regular classes elsewhere.  Faaria feels strongly that students should be free to take classes from anyone they feel they can learn from. 


Q: I want to become a professional belly dancer.  How long will it take?

A:  That depends very much on the individual student.  Students come with varied skill sets.  Most professional dancers have spent many years training prior to going pro. Also, many students find immense enjoyment by performing at the student level without becoming pro.

More Questions?  Faaria will be happy to answer them.  You can contact her by calling 716-698-0288 or emailing

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