Why Bellydance?

The better question is "why not bellydance?"  Here are just a few reasons why we think that belly dance is amazing.  

It's body-positive
There truly is no "perfect belly dancer body."  Belly dance is for every size, shape and age.  Every body looks beautiful doing the movements, and that's what's so great about belly dance.


Deepen your understanding of Egyptian art & culture

Listen to the enticing rhythms and melodies of the Middle East and explore the history behind this dance.  Immerse yourself in this incredible art form that is literally a whole world for you to discover.      

It's a workout for your brain

Learning new dance movements and steps is a great workout for the mind.  You'll love feeling the challenge of trying something new.    

Fitness benefits
Want to tone your abs?  Refine your undulation technique and really utilize those core muscles.  Want to gain muscle in your thighs?  Drill choo choo shimmies!  The fitness benefits are endless.  Many students begin belly dance as part of a fitness journey and fall in love with the music, dance and culture.  

You'll walk out of the studio feeling great
There's something about a great dance class that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world after.  If you're tired or having a bad day, all the more reason to come take class.  Dance = an instant mood boost! 

Why Oasis?
We pride ourselves in being unique among dance class offerings in Buffalo, NY.  Browse our website, Facebook page, and come take a class and you'll see what we mean.  Everyone is welcome in our beautiful studio.  In fact, what truly makes our studio so gorgeous are the amazing students that dance in the space.  We are so passionate about spreading our love of belly dance to you, and to the entire WNY community.  As instructors, we are constantly training and studying to bring the very best to you!  Join us for a class and find out what this amazing art form can do for you.  

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