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  As Sahra Kent, founder of the Journey Through Egypt program says, "it's complicated!"  

Often the general public isn't quite sure what belly dance is, where it originates, etc.  Belly dance is a beautiful, expressive dance form, giving a visual representation of the varied and complex rhythms and melodies of the Middle East.  Belly dance has its origins in the Middle East (Turkey, Lebanon and more), with Egypt being the epicenter for Raqs Sharqi (which means "dance of the East").  


There are many misconceptions about the origins of this dance form.  Raqs Sharqi, the performance version of belly dance, emerged from folkloric/home style Egyptian dance styles.  While it is often described as an "ancient art," belly dance is actually quite modern - in modern times, this dance form has really thrived.  It has been infused with movements, styles, and music from many cultures, while still preserving its Middle Eastern cultural roots.  Belly dance -- whether as a social dance, performance art, or a unique form of fitness -- celebrates women!  Dancing together, laughing, and enjoying life is its heritage and its present day appeal.

    Belly dance is G-rated, family friendly, and perfect for all women, men, and children to enjoy.  In its true traditional form, belly dance is practiced, performed, and enjoyed to Middle Eastern music.  There are many new forms of belly dance being performed and taught in the U.S. and across the world.  At Oasis, classic belly dance is our focus and we dance to Egyptian and Lebanese music.  Everything from classical to pop is taught at Oasis, keeping the classic tradition of belly dance alive. 


To register for classes, contact Faaria at 716-698-0288 or faaria@oasisdancecenter.com

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